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Ethica Invest

India's First Halal Stock Advisory Platform. We help you invest your savings in a profitable manner while maintaining Shariah Compliance. We provide a list of Halal...

New digital Mudarabah platform to link investors with ethical projects in the west underway

GLOBAL: A strategic partnership between the Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance (BIBF) and structured securities solutions provider Bedford Row Capital (BRC) will see...

UK Islamic fintech start-up inches toward ethical lifestyle banking ambition with FCA license

Islamic fintech start-up Algbra, which also aligns itself with ESG values, has obtained full authorization from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to operate as an electronic money institution (EMI), a crucial step toward the firm’s goal of providing Shariah compliant lifestyle banking services to Muslims in the UK.

Saudi fintech start-ups capture UK Halal investment platform’s interest

UK Halal investment platform Maydan Capital has partnered with Saudi Aramco Entrepreneurship Center’s Wa’ed Ventures to channel Shariah compliant investments into ethical Saudi fintech start-ups.

Islamic crypto asset-related start-ups capturing attention of global investors

Investors — both conventional and Islamic — are warming up to Halal crypto-based projects as evident by more related Shariah fintech start-ups winning investments, a sign that is likely to be a boon for the Islamic fintech sector.

MRHB DeFI secures investments from the UK

London-based investment platform Mozaic has invested an undisclosed sum into Australia-based Marhaba Decentralized Financial Platform (MRHB DeFi), which would be channeled toward supporting the latter’s UK outreach.

Maydan Capital launches ethical equity crowdfunding platform, with eyes on new products

Maydan Capital, which recently launched an equity crowdfunding platform that offers technology-focused investors ethical and Halal investment opportunities. “Too often, when Muslims and other ethical...

Sheesha Finance invests in MRHB DeFi

UAE-based Sheesha Finance has invested an undisclosed amount into Shariah compliant Marhaba Decentralized Financial Platform (MRHB DeFi). This comes less than a week after...

UK firm rolls out billion-dollar Islamic PE fund to capitalize on Islamic and ethical innovations

A UK-based entity, backed by international investors, is setting up a US$1 billion fund to invest in Islamic and ethical financial innovations, underscoring the...

Taqwa Invest

Taqwa Invest is an Islamic Robo Advisory facilitating investments in Islamic Stocks, Commodities, Sukuk, and SRIs. It is meant to provide an ethical solution...

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