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Iran Pay

IranP seeks to circumvent sanctions and simplify international payments by providing a team of motivated youth. You will have more than 20 different services...

Iran approves crypto payments

With the local rial taking a severe beating as sanctions continue to pressure the country, Iran has approved the use of cryptocurrencies for payments. The...

Central Bank of Iran paves way for Islamic e-micropayments

Following months of consultation and groundwork, the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) has finally reviewed and approved regulations for electronic wallets in a bid...

Digital bank aspirant Banque Misr launches Egypt’s first online Murabahah business financing service

EGYPT: Banque Misr has rolled out a digital Shariah compliant financing service to support small businesses, said to be the first of its kind...

Iran issues reminder that only domestic crypto allowed

The Central Bank of Iran has published a statement reminding traders that it only authorizes domestically extracted cryptocurrencies to be used in foreign currency...

Ballooning inflation makes cryptocurrencies ever so appealing to Iranians

With the local rial losing its value and an increasingly difficult environment to do cross-border business due to persisting economic embargoes, the Iranian government...

Iran mines cryptocurrency potential to escape US grip

It’s been a crypto whirlwind in Iran. From shutting down crypto mining farms, the Islamic Republic – a hot bitcoin farming destination thanks to...

Iran Fara Bourse to facilitate crowdfunding for tech start-ups

Iran, home to the largest concentration of Shariah compliant financial assets globally, is laying the foundation to enable technology start-ups raise funds from the...

CASE STUDY: ALAMI and ICS offer Islamic financing to healthcare sector

Shariah compliant peer-to-peer platform ALAMI and small business lending fintech company Impact Credit Solutions (ICS) have collaborated to provide Islamic financing to hospitals, clinics,...

Malaysia shifts Islamic fintech gear; the world takes notice

Malaysia — like any other Muslim markets — faces intense competition from both other Islamic finance leaders as well as fintech centers in capturing the Islamic fintech market. The Southeast Asian nation, however, has been quietly laying the bricks down to build a solid foundation for this new vertical and is beginning to reap the rewards with new Islamic fintech ventures joining the fray.

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