Monday, May 16, 2022

Sadaqah - Ummah Crowdfunding

Sadaqah - Ummah Crowdfunding
Countries in Operation:
United Kingdom
Countries with Offices:
United Kingdom

Company Profile

Sadaqah is a global crowdfunding FinTech digital platform for the Ummah, to revolutionize the way charitable donations can help in making long-lasting social impact. The concept of Sadaqah crowdfunding platform allows contributions to be made, enabling life-changing impact to communities most in need, who are currently out of reach. Sadaqah aims to empower, enrich and alleviate the concerns of the world’s most needy and poorest of people by working together as an Ummah to achieve the common good.


Shah Sheikh
Management Team
Maruf Yusupov
Mufti Faraz Adam
Nauman Abuzar

Shah Sheikh
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