Sunday, July 21, 2024
ReportAjman Bank courts Codebase Technologies to build superapp

Ajman Bank courts Codebase Technologies to build superapp

UAE-based Shariah compliant Ajman Bank has partnered with Codebase Technologies to build and launch a new retail superapp.

“This isn’t merely a platform upgrade. It’s a paradigm shift in our operational approach, leveraging advanced tools, automation, and enhanced capabilities to navigate the evolving banking environment,” Mustafa Mohammed Saeed Al Khalfawi, CEO of Ajman Bank, remarked.

The Islamic bank has also integrated Cloud4C and Microsoft Azure cloud solutions into the superapp.

“Leveraging Digibanc’s microservices architecture and ready-to-market components, Codebase Technologies has implemented a new technology foundation from which Ajman Bank can create and launch digital banking products and services, benefit from enhanced customer analytics, and optimize internal workflows,” Codebase Technologies explained in a joint statement.

The team integrated Digibanc with third-party partners, including Kong, Infobip, Microblink, and Aquant using APIs, allowing the Islamic bank to integrate fintech services into its customer offerings.


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