Bahrain Fintech Bay tackling digital talent conundrum with tailored on-demand courses

Bahrain Fintech Bay (BFB) is adding another component to its fintech start-up ecosystem by providing training and education courses in digital transformation as it shapes up to be MENA’s leading fintech hub for both Islamic and conventional start-ups.

Already housing one of the largest physical spaces for fintech start-ups in the region while providing acceleration and incubation opportunities, BFB will be rolling out on-demand courses in digital transformation such as blockchain for business, artificial intelligence, internet of things, cloud infrastructure and cybersecurity. These programs will be developed in partnership with Fintech Consortium, a driving force behind BFB, and US-based BetaBlocks.

“We believe that the most relevant education and training in finance today is in the key themes and tools of digital transformation, and that skilled human capital is the essence behind fintech, and innovation across industries generally,” shared Maissan Almaskati, the chairman of Fintech Consortium Middle East. “We are excited about our partnership with BetaBlocks which provides insight and experience into digital learning, as well as blockchain solutions for a range of end uses, and look forward to working together to jointly develop this offering in Bahrain and the Middle East region.”

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