Sunday, April 21, 2024
ReportBank ABC to humanize banking with digital AI employee

Bank ABC to humanize banking with digital AI employee

Bank ABC will be introducing an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered synthetic digital human into its customer experience as part of its drive for digital transformation.

To be known as Fatema, the ‘digital employee’ has been developed in collaboration with New Zealand’s deep science and technology company, Soul Machines. Created using Soul Machine’s Digital DNATM technology, which allows for the production of unique, hyper-realistic interfaces that drive new ways to communicate, collaborate and cooperate. Fatema’s synthetic makeup was produced from a digital gene pool, which allowed Bank ABC to choose specific traits and attributes to develop the optimal digital human for their organization.

“Fatema embodies Bank ABC’s endeavors into the optimization of technology to offer the most efficient and engaging customer experience by providing a stimulating interface for communication in a rapidly evolving digital environment,” explained the bank. “Fatema’s human-like appearance offers naturalized and intuitive interactions in direct contrast to contemporary modes that involve clicking, scrolling, searching and typing, on the part of the customer.”

Fatema is an example of how banks are attempting to humanize the banking experience to be more personable, while remaining efficient, to the everyday consumer. This initiative is part of the bank’s ambitious digital strategy, being led by Dr Yousif Almas, who heads Bank ABC’s newly minted innovation unit.

“AI will soon be an inseparable part of our lives, as individuals and as a community at large. It will redefine the workforce and the way we do business across industries including banking and finance. We believe the sooner we recognize its potential and adopt it, the better it is,” commented Sael Al Waary, the deputy group CEO of Bank ABC, which offers Shariah compliant banking services.

Without offering an official “employment” date, it is understood that Fatema will be integrated into the bank’s social media strategy as well as act as a key point of contact for customers via specific digital channels.


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