Sunday, July 14, 2024
News FlashBankDhofar partners with Ripple

BankDhofar partners with Ripple

BankDhofar, which offers Islamic banking services through its Maisarah Islamic Banking window, has partnered with blockchain solutions provider Ripple to drive real-time payments into India.

Under the partnership, BankDhofar will connect with India’s IndusInd Bank on Ripple’s global payments network, RippleNet. This will enable cross-border transactions via BankDhofar’s mobile banking app to be processed instantly, reliably, cost-effectively and with end-to-end visibility globally. 

It is worth noting that BankDhofar had joined blockchain consortium BankChain and was the first bank in the Sultanate to join BankChain to support the best practices and solutions in the blockchain.


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