Monday, February 26, 2024
ReportCaizcoin to list Islamic crypto soon

Caizcoin to list Islamic crypto soon

Germany-based Caizcoin says it will “soon” list its CAIZ token on the UniSwap exchange, offering users a chance to earn rewards with its liquidity portal and other platforms.

Caizcoin, which in March conducted a private sale of its token, also indicated that it is working on an Islamic blockchain platform, expected to be launched in the near future. According to its roadmap, the launch of is scheduled for the second quarter of 2021.

While Caizcoin, whose founding team is not publicly known, claims that it follows guidelines from within the “Islamic faith that align with the best moral utilization of the technology”, IFN Fintech cannot confirm if the cryptocurrency is indeed officially certified as there are no records of the Fatwa in the public sphere. IFN Fintech’s previously attempted to reach out to the firm but received no response.

“Caizcoin is one of those many cryptocurrencies developed in Germany but with a unique working model. It was built with the core principle of bringing the Islamic and western countries together. Caizcoin will soon operate on the world’s first Islamic blockchain offering seamless financial services to Muslims and non-Muslims,” it claims in a public statement.

The entity said its token is backed by the price of metal.


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