Sunday, July 21, 2024

Funding Souq

Funding Souq
Operating Status:
Middle East
United Arab Emirates
HQ Address:
Fintech Hive, DIFC, Dubai, UAE, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Countries in Operation:
United Arab Emirates
Countries with Offices:
United Arab Emirates

Company Profile

Funding Souq connects investors with established SMEs who are looking to borrow funds and grow their operations. Investors can finance a wide range of businesses across different sectors and risk profiles.

Our team uses an innovative credit model to analyse every business that applies to us. We analyse tens of variables before deciding to fund the business.

The companies that meet our requirements are onboarded and a fundraising campaign is launched on their behalf. The campaign includes relevant information about the company and details about the requested loan.

Once a loan is fully subscribed, the investor funds will be transferred to the business’s account. The business will then make monthly repayments to investors until the maturity of the loan.

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