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Company Profile

Since our foundation in 2007, we have been leading innovative financial alternatives for principle oriented people. The principles are derived from the ethical criteria of Islamic finance within the framework of local laws. Our customers include private and business customers of every kind of origin
or religious affiliation. The Management of INAIA is a member of AAOIFI. The Shariah Board of INAIA is provided by the Islamic Finance Supervision Organization “Minhaj Advisory“ in Dubai. Since 2007, INAIA is one of the first European providers for Islam-compliant financial products. Since 2012, INAIA manages and distributes its own product: the INAIA Gold Dinar Savings plan. A savings product where the customer invests in physical gold from €50 per month. The USP of the product is, on the one hand, the innovative online platform through which transactions are physically executed. On the other hand, the product is certified by renowned scholars according to the Islamic Finance rules. Furthermore, INAIA provides various Islam-compliant investment options. Among other things, an equity fund, which is also used in the context of the asset-effective services or as a rental deposit and for state sponsored savings.

Member of the “Accounting and Auditing Organisation for Islamic Financial
Institutions” (AAOIFI) and “Certified Sharia Auditor and Advisor” (CSAA) and “Certified Islamic Finance Executive” (CIFE). Executive MBA from the Henley Business School in Great Britain. Many years of experience in Economics and Islamic Finance.

Emre Akyel