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Jalan Mampang Prapatan XX No 17, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12790, Indonesia
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Assalamualaikum wr wb,


Masjed App Is a Digital Platform for Decentralized Social & Economy with Masjid as the nodes connecting local communities that established a real digital support for poverty, hunger, disaster and empowering society to have an access of economic facilities. Our focus is improving life quality and humanity, especially in muslim society. In now days in digital era Masjid should embrace it, and our platform is the best choice, it’s modular and customizable that suit Masjid without disrespect the origin culture.

As what in Quran surah At-Taubah 18 taught us, “Only those who prosper Masjid of Allah those are the believer of Allah…” this guide us as our philosophy, enhance our mission to bring peace, happiness and prosper in our community, our Masjid. Spread the love for Masjid and the World.

Our Platform provides aggregator services for Masjid, Amil Institusion, Education and Humanity Foundations, providing Zakat, Infaq/Shadaqah and Waqf services that they can transform into Digital Technologies for Transparency and Accountability (sharia safe and regulation safe).


Warm Regards,

Masjed Team

Jakarta, Indonesia


Iskandar Syamsi
Iman Rachmani Oetoyo
Muhamad Bagir
Management Team
Satria Prabhawa
Edwin Firnandhy


Mr Iskandar Syamsi is the CEO and Co-founding of PT Masjed Indonesia Digital. PT Masjed Indonesia Digital has 20 employees and 292 Masjed App users. Mr. Syamsi is a Digital Entrepreneur and Islamic Philanthropy who from the beginning has been concerned with building and developing digital ecosystem innovations such as Waqf, Zakat, Infaq, Zakat and Human Donation activities as well as community economic empowerment through UMKM Go Digital and other UMKM Go Global, PT Masjed Indonesia Digital is a national Startup Company in the field of Islamic Socio-economic Aggregator that serves social activists of the Islamic Community, Amil Institutions, Philanthropy, and MSME Empowerment to transform digitally in time to enter the era of Digital society 5.0 by running the Mosque ecosystem application and other supporting applications for convenience for the common good with stakeholders Partners – Relevant partners aim for a prosperous, righteous, affluent and civilized society. PT Masjed Indonesia Digital’s innovation work is developed through digital applications that serve various social institutions and ecosystems Non-Governmental Organizations or NGO Digital Society, Philanthropy and Professionals as the work of the nation’s children to provide convenience for technology-based goodness with local wisdom for the people, the Ummah and the Indonesian nation.

Iskandar Syamsi

Mr. Muhamad Bagir is Co-founding of PT Masjed Indonesia Digital, prior to founding Masjed App, from 2020-2021 Mr. Bagir served as senior system architect that experienced in big data and cloud computing in big telco companies. Previously, he also served as Lead Software Engineer at PT Hike Digital Asia from 2019 to 2020 and also as the same title at Aliviotech Sdn Bhd an IoT startup company in Cyberjaya Malaysia from 2018 to 2019. Mr. Bagir holds an Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, determination and discipline is his motto to accomplish many tasks.

Muhamad Bagir

Mr. Muhamad Nur Ali Rabbaniy is Co-founding and also President Commisioner of PT Masjed Indonesia Digital, Mr. Rabbaniy is a Gen Z representative who happens to like Islamic and digital progress, he is an active youth representative and from 2019 until now Mr Rabbaniy is The National Narcotics Agency Ambassador for West Java Province. Mr. Rabbaniy holds Certificate of The National Defense Institute of the Republic of Indonesia (LEMHANNAS) and Mr. Rabbaniy holds an Bachelor of Law at Pasundan University, Bandung, Indonesia ( 2020 ).

Muhamad Nur Ali Rabbaniy
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