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Pahela Money

Pahela Money
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Sangbadik House, 5/A,Raipur House,Shahid, Selina Parveen Sarak, Dhaka., Dhaka, Dhaka 1217, Bangladesh
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Company Profile

Pahela Bank is Bangladesh’s 1st Cross Border Neo Bank.

The Bank is Shariah Compliant as the source of its funding or mode of operations, lending or insurance have no interaction with interest or anything that is Shariah Forbidden.

The Bank currently offers virtual debit cards, premium metal debit cards, mobile app. savings products, checking accounts, buy now pay later, and interest-free loans to Bangladeshi Students, Medical Assistance Seekers, Travelers & Businesses in Bangladesh, India & the USA.


Mostafa Mohammad Reyad Rahman
Management Team
Sumaiya Dina - COO
Rifa Sanjida - CCO


Reyad Rahman, is the Founder and CEO of Chill Money, Inc. ( USA ) and Pahela Limited ( UK ) which operates Pahela Bank under the brand “Pahela” which means “First” with two domains : |

Pahela Bank is Bangladesh’s 1st Cross Border Neo Bank. It’s actually Bangladesh’s 1st Neo Bank of any kind.

Reyad Rahman is Y Combinator Startup School and Toru Institute Of Inclusive Innovation Graduate Alumni.

He grew up in Dhaka, with two undergrade degrees in Business and Computer Science.

He previously worked in Education Sectors in two companies. Later on moved on to a technology focus B2B ventures known as Tiger Digital.

He is also a founder of Bangladesh based Muthopay Group which operates Muthopay Limited, Muthobank Limited & Muthofood Limited.

Mostafa Mohammad Reyad Rahman

Thryza has over a decade of experience working in varied fields of the development sector, designing and implementing PAN India CSR, volunteering, and community-based initiatives. She has also managed and scaled an online fundraising platform for Non-profits in India. She has completed her bachelor’s in Literature and Philosophy and her Masters’s in Human Resources. Thryza has always been an entrepreneur finding new solutions to known problems. She is based out of Mumbai and is a passionate traveler who finds herself very much at home in Kathmandu.

Thryza Dow
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