Sunday, July 21, 2024
ReportFWD Takaful rolls out new online plan

FWD Takaful rolls out new online plan

FWD Takaful continues its digital strategy, expanding its online product suite with a new plan, confirming a previous report by IFN Fintech.

The new scheme, FWD SpecialCare Direct, is the Malaysian Takaful operator’s fifth coverage offered exclusively online, and is its first to cover children with learning disabilities associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Tourette’s Syndrome and Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The regular contribution plan will also provide coverage for their parent or legal guardian.

This product in line with FWD Takaful’s aggressive digitalization strategy. In an interview with IFN Fintech in October, Chief Strategy and Digital Distribution Officer Wan Ahmad Najib Wan Ahmad Lotfi revealed that the operator was planning an online product covering learning disabilities.

“FWD SpecialCare Direct is a first of its kind coverage that allows parents and legal guardian to ensure that financial safety nets are available for their children when they are no longer there or able to fully care for them. We’re proud to be supporting different segments of the community, especially those traditionally uncovered, with dedicated Takaful plans via our digital channel, staying true to our vision to change the way people feel about Takaful,” commented Salim Majid Zain, FWD Takaful’s CEO.


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