Tuesday, June 18, 2024
ReportHAQQ picks SUSHI as initial DEX for Islamic Coin

HAQQ picks SUSHI as initial DEX for Islamic Coin

HAQQ Network has partnered with SUSHI, placing the latter as the initial decentralized exchange (DEX) for HAQQ Network and Islamic Coin users.

SUSHI reportedly handles between US$50 million to US$150 million in daily trade volumes and holds a total value locked of approximately US$1.14 billion.

“Community members can provide liquidity and stake their assets in a Haqq-created pool on SUSHI, earning $ISLM tokens during the liquidity mining period,” according to HAQQ. “Mining participants will also share in the profits generated from the pools, a considerable advantage for our community.”

SUSHI DEX users on HAQQ will be able to tap into this liquidity. This collaboration also creates an accessible gateway for users on other chains to swap tokens from the source chain to HAQQ Network’s native token, $ISLM.

“In conclusion, this partnership is not just an integration; it’s a strategic move that signifies a new chapter in the world of DeFi [decentralized finance]. It’s a step toward an inclusive financial landscape, opening up opportunities for the global Muslim community and ethical finance enthusiasts,” wrote HAQQ.


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