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Editor's PickIslamic Coin plans September Reg D public token offering

Islamic Coin plans September Reg D public token offering

Islamic Coin intends to conduct a Reg D public token offering in September 2023, according to an official statement.

OpenDeal Broker will facilitate the offering, which will be conducted on technology firm Republic’s retail investment platform. Upon the public launch, Islamic Coin’s community will be able to offer liquidity, stake their holdings and gain tokens during the liquidity mining stage.

This comes as Islamic Coin formed a partnership with Republic Crypto, the web3 advisory group of Republic.

Republic Crypto will support Islamic Coin’s go-to market strategy and advise on tokenomics, decentralized autonomous organization governance and long-term economic utility value. The advisory group will also be engaging potential strategic partners, exchanges and market makers.

“Fine-tuning the Islamic Coin value proposition, Republic Coin advised on creating fair and Shariah compliant allocation options, distribution and other mechanisms aimed at adding to the sustainability features in the ecosystem,” Republic said in a statement.

Islamic Coin this month signed four MoUs with entities in the UAE as part of its strategy to accelerate global adoption.


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