Sunday, July 14, 2024
ReportJordan Islamic Bank to launch digital self-services

Jordan Islamic Bank to launch digital self-services

Jordan Islamic Bank (JIB) has partnered with information and communications technology company STS to launch Islami Digital, the bank’s digital self-services, in Amman, as part of its plan to fully digitize all its transactions.

Islami Digital is a self-service kiosk, a concept designed by STS in partnership with SEDCO that allows customers to perform a number of transactions independently, including opening accounts, depositing cheques and virtual back-end verification and assistance.  “SEDCO self-service kiosks are one of the most reliable solutions that we adopted to support the digital transformation journey for financial institutions, as it proved to be user-friendly from customers’ perspective, in addition to it being flexible and agile in which we can customize according to the business need of the client. We are committed to provide full support and counsel to our clients according to their industries to achieve their digital transformation goals,” George Khoury, the business solutions manager at STS, said.


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