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Network International

Network International
Middle East
United Arab Emirates
Countries in Operation:
United Arab Emirates
Countries with Offices:
United Arab Emirates

Company Profile

Over the past 25 years, we have built a business based on long-standing and trusted relationships with many of the leading merchants, financial institutions and payment networks operating in the Middle East and Africa. Such relationships are based on our comprehensive capabilities, scale, local presence in the multiple markets in which we operate, alongside our trusted reputation. This gives us significant scale and leadership in the region, where we operate in more than 50 countries, serve over 140,000 merchants and 200 financial institution and fintech customers, whilst managing more than 16 million customer credentials.
We have a diversified business model and operate across the entire consumer payments value chain. We do this with a growth-focused strategy through two business lines:
• That enables our merchant customers to ‘take payments’, by providing them with various payment acceptance methods, both online and offline.
• Which supports our financial institution, fintech and other payment issuing institution customers in enabling consumers ‘make payments’, by managing and processing their consumer payment credentials and transactions.