Wednesday, June 19, 2024
Editor's PickHAQQ partners with SingularityNET

HAQQ partners with SingularityNET

Shariah compliant blockchain platform HAQQ has partnered with decentralized artificial intelligence (AI) network SingularityNET to streamline its integration and provide users as well as developers with ethical, AI-driven Islamic financial tools.

Through the collaboration, SingularityNET’s Singularity Registry will be connected with the HAQQ Oracle, simplifying access to AI services while respecting the parameters of Shariah compliant finance.

“This fusion not only optimizes user experiences but also sets a trajectory toward an AI-enhanced financial future grounded in ethical practices. Specifically, this integration will see a multi-level approval community process developed into the HAQQ Oracle, enshrining efficiency while fostering transparency,” explained HAQQ.

It is hoped that the HAQQ-SingularityNET ecosystem would facilitate the development of Islamic finance applications.

This partnership is on the back of Islamic Coin, the native coin of HAQQ, intending to conduct a Reg D public token offering this month, after signing a slew of agreements in the UAE to accelerate global adoption.


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