Sunday, April 21, 2024
ReportNew social impact app makes debut in the UAE

New social impact app makes debut in the UAE

Digital wallet noqodi is powering a social impact-driven mobile app to support charities approved by the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department (IACAD) in the UAE.

Known as SocioPay, the app is a scan and pay mobile platform allowing users to donate a percentage of every transaction toward a charity of their choice at no additional cost. Every charity onboarded by SocioPay are approved by the IACAD, a government agency formerly known as the Department of Awqaf.

Part of SocioLadder, a blockchain philanthropic fundraising and crowdfunding platform, SocioPay’s portfolio of merchants ranges from restaurants, supermarkets and pharmacies to retail outlets, hotels and resorts, as well as maintenance among others. Dubai Cares and Al Jalila Foundation are SocioPay’s first featured charities.

Once downloaded, SociaPay creates a noqodi wallet automatically, allowing users to link any payment method for cashless and contactless payments at retail outlets. noqodi wallet is used by a number of banks in the UAE including Dubai Islamic Bank. It was launched in 2019 by Dubai’s Department of Finance in collaboration with Smart Dubai and emaratech to facilitate payment of government service fees.

“We are truly excited about SocioPay’s launch. SocioPay makes the spirit of charitable giving a daily habit, through everyday payments. SocioPay integrates payments technology to transform the way local businesses create philanthropic value for society. Every transaction a customer makes will now have sustainable social impact, thanks to our generous retail partners. We are thankful to noqodi for partnering with us to provide secure payments and [a] safe wallet for SocioPay. We are also thankful to IACAD’s futuristic vision, for providing the license to allow the listing of charities in the app,” said Shravan Charya, the founder and CEO of SocioLadder.


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