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ReportHSBC Malaysia targets digital-savvy investors with new mobile platform

HSBC Malaysia targets digital-savvy investors with new mobile platform

As investors become more digital-savvy and online investment platforms become more ubiquitous, HSBC Malaysia is also throwing its hat into the ring with a new digital unit trust investment platform allowing customers to invest in Islamic and conventional funds on the go.

“With EZInvest, customers can simply log on to the HSBC Mobile app and start transacting a selected list of unit trusts at their fingertips. HSBC Amanah customers can also take advantage of the range of Shariah compliant funds available on EZInvest,” the bank announced.

Through the platform, HSBC customers have access to a selection of unit trust funds spread across a selection of different asset classes with exposure to Asia and global regions. Investors are also provided flexible investment options such as a monthly investment plan or a lump sum investment and can monitor the performance of their portfolio 24/7.

“EZInvest is a testament to our commitment to make wealth management a more seamless and convenient experience for our customers. This is part of our ongoing effort and investment in digital wealth. This is a significant milestone for us as EZInvest will be the first investment feature on our mobile app, enabling customers to go beyond payments and transfers,” said Jon Chivers, the head of wealth and personal banking at HSBC Malaysia.

HSBC as a global bank is no stranger to digitalization — it continues to invest heavily into its digital architecture. In fact, its retail wealth management business in Asia is driven primarily by its online channels. Almost 80% of HSBC’s retail wealth sales are reportedly funneled through its digital channels. For its Malaysian operations in particular, HSBC Malaysia’s Heather Goh, who heads the digital agenda for the bank, previously revealed that the bank plans to also introduce insurance and individual investment features on the mobile app including payment and foreign exchange. This is part of the bank’s goal to be a bank in every customer’s pocket. The unit trust investment platform is part of this goal. Other capabilities to be incorporated into the app include spending analytics and other data-driven features.


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